Friday, April 4, 2008

Wedding Wear Woes

Outside of not wearing white, which I mentioned yesterday, what's a good wedding outfit option? Three things will normally dictate where to begin your search. 1. time of the wedding; 2. venue location; and 3. the couple. Although some will argue that black shouldn't be your first color of choice for a wedding (its a happy occasion), I live by the rule that if the wedding is after 4 pm, black is fair game. This embroidered lace cocktail dress is so elegant. The flourishes are lovely and since its black fabric they are subtle and chic so they won't give anyone the impression that you are trying to upstage the stars of the show. This dress is available at Bluefly for $342.

Another option at Bluefly is this Elie Tahari emerald georgette dress for $239. The smocked "Maryanne" dress is the kind of dress that is perfect for a wedding. Because inevitably the videographer is going to be all over the place and you will never know when he/she is shooting your backside view. This dress drapes the body so beautifully that you won't care if your rearview is featured on the wedding video.

The Jacquard Daisy Dress at J. Crew uses vintage-inspired window pane checks offers you a sweet silhouette for spring weddings for $268. I particularly love the pockets and the color. I tend to always check J. Crew to see what they have in the way of dresses. They have really stepped it up in the last few years with wedding options not only for guests, but for bridal parties as well.
I consider this dress an "old reliable" option for only $138 (sorry J. Crew about the unflattering image that conjures). The cut and fabric of this dress is flattering on most figures and it functions for more than just weddings. And it comes in tons of different colors if you are struggling with wearing black to a wedding.

I also like wrap dresses for weddings. They work best for day weddings and outdoor ceremonies and receptions. I have a wedding to attend in May for my sister-in-law. I had a few options in mind, but the reception is outdoors, which means skinny heels will most likely sink into the ground (its May in Virginia, its bound to have rained recently) and I am not interested in working to unstick my heels all afternoon. So I have foregone my originial idea and am looking to wear something that I can pair with wedges.

This Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress would be perfect with wedges and is only $39.99.

Nordstrom makes shopping for a dress super easy. They have a "guest of the wedding" subgroup of dresses within their dress shop. My favorite from this group is the Adrianna Papell Strapless Ruffled Dress. The color is spectacular, but since its strapless be sure to take a wrap if its a church wedding where some folks (perhaps the bride's or groom's parents) still believe that shoulders should be covered in religious settings.

A very lady-like option in red is the Polka-Dot Summer Dress at Banana Republic.

And last but not least, this floral shift is a 1950's throwback that is perfect for a springtime wedding.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cotton Crochet Dress

If fatigues were feminine and fashionable, this is how I imagine that they would look, minus the fact that a skirt really isn't the most practical attire for bootcamp. Asos offers this dress in black, coral, and a green as well as this army-like beige. The sweetheart neckline and bell sleeves really lend this dress to being rather delicate looking. I love the juxtapostition of it all.

Halogen Embroidered Dress

I have an affinity for white pants and recently white dresses. The unfortunate thing is I always seem to find white dresses that I love when I am shopping for a dress for a wedding, and what could be more awful that showing up for a wedding as a guest in white. Just atrocious....seriously. I am sure you would never get dolled up in white for wedding, but be sure to pass that along to friends and family. Because someone is unaware of this rule of thumb. Every time I attend a wedding inevitably there's a heel there in white. Ugh! Anyhow, for those of you looking for a non-wedding attending dress, this white embroidered dress is just stunning. Nothing looks better on (self) tanned skin than a lovely white dress.

Ruffle Trim Bubble Top

Sick of ruffles yet? Me neither! This top is really lovely. I definitely think I would need to add the belt like the model here has, to reduce some of the volume in the mid-section area, but I love the grey color and the ruffle trim and capped puff sleeves are sweet.

Deep Pocket Pencil Skirt

Speaking of pencil skirts, this one at is spectacular. If you admire Katie Holmes' style, this might be a piece you want to pick up. Asos calls this the "Katie Holmes Deep Pocket Pencil Skirt" and I added the image of her in a similar skirt for your viewing pleasure. But aside from recreating her look, this skirt could work with a lot of stuff in a girl's closet and its inexpensive. I am partial to pairing it with a chiffon blouse that resembles Melanie Griffith in Working Girl, but I also really dig tie-neck blouses.

Ruffled White Shirts

I have a ton of traditional white button-down shirts that I use constantly in varied ways. They work well for work and they work hard for a gal on the weekends with jeans and mini skirts. So I am not surprised that I really like the fact that designers decided to add ruffles to the staple for the spring. I particularly like this version at Victoria's Secret with a pencil skirt for the office and skinny jeans and flats for the weekend.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Navy Dresses at Style Bakery

A site that I check out pretty regularly, and by regularly I mean daily, is They typically offer discounts and goodies galour. Their piece on navy dresses caught my attention. I think navy is as versatile as black and gray and the dresses that they posted are uber chic. I especially like the BCBG and and David Meister ones.

Plaid Empire Dress

This pink and yellow plaid dress with a ruffle hem and cap sleeves is adorable. I feel like plaid dresses can be a bit to cutesy, but the the v-neck (which is perhaps too deep for a larger bust) keeps it from feeling that way to me. And its so inexpensive, only $17.99. Target has sizes from extra small to xx large available.

Nightcap Ruffle Romper

Now this is hot, but is probably best suited for those who were blessed with a tall and slender figure or who work really hard to have said figure. I will have to live vicariously through ya'll, because as much as I would love to be able to pull this off, I have a little too much junk in the trunk. What do you think? Is the romper trend best suited for supermodels or do you think us normal gals can pull it if under the right circumstances?

Nanette Lepore Picasso Dress

I absolutely love this dress! In spite of the horizontal stripes, I really think that this dress has several super flattering attributes, including the empire waist, ruched bodice, as well as the length. For me where a dress hits me on my leg can make or break my look. And just above the knee is a favorable spot for me. Unfortunately, you can purchase it now, but it won't be shipped until mid-April. I can definitely wait!!!

Gathered V-Neck Sweater

Forever 21's inventory tends to empty pretty quickly, so if you really like this sweater, I would recommend grabbing it immediately, especially if you are looking to add a few basic v-neck sweaters to your spring wardrobe. I think the the gathered sleeves make it worth a second look and the $14.50 price is an added bonus. I doubt you will hang onto this sweater for the long haul, but I imagine you can get some mileage out of it through the spring.

Cherry Blossom Time

Just in time to wear as the cherry blossoms in DC reach their peak. This J. Crew blouse is the perfect way for me to wake up my wardrobe with a bright color and floral at the same time! I really want to rock this with jeans and maybe even get a little crazy and let it peak out from beneath a jacket for work. And the good news is that it is offered in both petite and tall versions, which is key for me. Don't get me wrong, height is a great thing, except when it comes to the getting sleeve lengths right.

Elle at Kohls

In doing this blog, I really want to post a good mix of items that are run the gamut when it comes to cost. And lately, I feel like maybe I haven't been doing as good of a job hunting for budget-friendly items. So I apologize and I will try to mix it up a bit. Ultimately, I post stuff that I find interesting and that I like, so sometimes cost is an after-thought. And I don't mean that in a "i have enough money to not have to worry about the cost of something" because that couldn't be further from my reality. But I am adding the item to my blog, not too my shopping cart, so its not like I have to be super aware of my total. Which brings me to this jacket at Kohl's. Its on sale, offered in every size still, and comes in a very non-boring color...what more could a girl ask for? The Ponte Jacket is part of the Elle Contemporary Collection, which I haven't really checked out yet. Basing my first impression on this piece, I'd say so far so good.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mint Jodi Arnold Color Block Dress

Oh la la! I am a big fan of color blocking and this dress has one of my fave combos (gray and yellow) Empire waist and ruffle hem detail are lovely, but this dress is definitely not an option for you busty gals or anyone on a strict budget.

Maternity Pieces

This is my official maternity shout out. I have several friends who are expecting, some as soon as this month, and others later this year. I know that dressing their pregnant form is not an easy task, but luckily the Gap carries some relatively budget-friendly options to make this process a little less painful and to help ladies maintain their chicness even if they aren't feeling very chic. I checked out some of the "looks" that GapMaternity features on their site, and I wasn't blown away by any of the ensembles. But they did have a few items that echo some of the spring trends. The first being the shirt jacket. They offer a chambray pintuck version that one could use a lot. The second item that I liked is this empire-waisted cami. I know its nothing special, but its rather sweet looking and I like that its featured with a scarf, which is not only a stylish accessory, but I imagine that its a nice little cover up for a pregnant gal who is maybe a little self-conscious about her increasing bustline (just a guess).

Dolce Vita Bonnie Cutout Oxford

These shoes are not going to be for everyone, but I think that they are super fierce! I love the new take on the traditionally conservative menswear fave. I feel like the cutout "summerizes" (totally made up word) this shoe, because I boxed my oxfords up last week when I did my big closet "spring cleaning" and bid them farewell until fall. Urban Outfitters offers them in brown and black and is offering free shipping on shoe orders through April 6th. Be sure to use this code to take advantage of this perk (FREE08).

Leila Cut Vine Neckace

I have come across several pieces of jewelry that I really love, but I have been telling myself that I should just stick to posting clothes and shoes. But I really couldn't resist this necklace. I seem to be drawn to nature-inspired necklaces and this one is on sale. This is my first time on the site, but check out the rest of the Manhattanite site, it looks like a keeper.

Carnival Spirit Dress

I am a huge fan of the art-inspired prints that are springing up everywhere this season. I am on the lookout for a fun top that represents this idea, but haven't found one that I truly dig yet. But this Carnival Spirit dress at French Connection is a fun take on the trend, that is if you feel your legs are ready for their springtime debut (hello squats and self-tanner). If not, and the temps are still a bit cool where you reside, you might want to pair it with some tights until you are ready.

Denim Cap Sleeve Jacket

I am a big fan of Omiru Style for All, which I highly recommend checking out, and in getting the skinny on the Ready Made Outfit Post (check it out, especially the jacket), I found myself perusing Top Shop. And as luck would have it, I stumbled upon this cap-sleeved jacket. Its definitely not your run-of-the-mill jean jacket. And its less than $100.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Hera Black Flower Dress

I have a trip to New Orleans planned later this month and I have promised myself to not buy anything new clothing-wise until then because there happen to be several shops that I like to visit. And I don't do window-shopping very well, so inevitably I end up buying a few items. So, I will have to simply admire this Hera Black Flower Dress for now because spending $326 is just not in the cards for me right now. If you are able to add it to your closet (so jealous) immediately and by immediately I mean before April 2nd, be sure to take advantage of the spring sale code (springsale) so you can get 20% off, which lessens the hit your budget will take. And don't sleep on the back of this dress, which I wasn't expecting.

Fend off the Rain in Zebra Stripes

How fabulous is this Via Spiga belted sateen coat? As much as I have hoped otherwise, my masterplan of willing warmer temperatures has not worked to my liking and I have found myself needing a coat for the past three days (again). This coat would look amazing with just about anything, from dresses to jeans and Bluefly has almost every size imaginable in stock.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Renae Dress

This dress is so fun and preppy and I almost missed it. Guess prominently features the red, white, and blue one on their site. Thank goodness that I checked it out, because as chic as the American version is, I prefer the navy and green one and its less than $100.

Joy Gryson's Bags at Target

I was really looking forward to checking out the Jovovich-Hawk line for Target when it finally became available earlier this month, but was a little disappointed at what I was able to check out in person at my local store (which is a common issue I face when I attempt to pick up stuff at H&M too). Ultimately, I ended up ordering a few things online (thank God for online shopping). So, I am crossing my fingers that the new limited edition handbag collection for Target by Joy Gryson, who has worked with Marc Jacobs, Coach, and Calvin Klein, is available for me to check out in person. I personally like to check out handbags in person (size is so hard to get a good handle on via the Web). The pieces will be available April 6th (a week from today) and the prices will range from $19.99 to $49.99. Fab Sugar has some images of what the new collection will entail, so check it out. I can't wait!

Silk Cap-Sleeve Dress at Banana Republic

This dress at Banana Republic has been pictured in almost every magazine that I subscribe to. I have always been very iffy on whether or not this color would work for my complexion and hair color. But its on sale now, so I think I might be willing to take a shot on it. I really love the cap-sleeves and pockets, but its definitely in a shade of yellow that is not for a shrinking violet. The only other thing outside of the color that has given me pause is the fact that its 100% silk and silk can be unforgiving on my figure, but the dress is fully lined so hopefully the lining addresses that concern. I truly love the view from the back, particularly the top of the dress.

Abaete Rita Dresses

I am a huge admirer of Rachel Bilson. I think she's adorably chic and always looks put together both on and off the red carpet. If you haven't seen Last Kiss with her and Zach Braft, I highly recommend adding it to your Netflix list, but I digress. Rachel wore this Abaete strapless Rita dress to the Awake premiere and I fell in love with it when I first saw photos of her with it on. Shop Intuition offers it in the white and blue option, which she donned, but the pink and black combo is equally as hot.