Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tonic School Tees

Are you trying to marry your love of looking fabulous with your willingness to give back to folks who really need it? If you need a new tee, I have just the thing. Check out Tonic Generation Tees. Tonic partners with designers and causes to create limited edition products for the Environment, Education, Social Welfare, and Poverty. Here are two of my favorites:

Tonic Education Tee (women's) - $45

Tonic Tree Tee (women's) - $45

Friday, April 18, 2008

Flock of Hearts Top

How great is this Marc by Marc Jacobs Flock of Hearts top? Its that perfect shade of red that will look stunning with white whatever (jacket, pants, skirt, you name it). I love the ruffles and the cap sleeves.

Bunny Print Emily Blouse

I must be feeling nostaglic for the 1930's, although I should mentioned that I wasn't around for them, so perhaps its not even possible, but I do find myself frequently admiring fashion from that time period. I digress...this is another 1930's-inspired blouse for you to check out. Its on sale at J. Crew for $39.99 and is available in sizes 0-14. I think it would look fantastic with a pair of wide-legged jeans.

DVF Rhythm Dress

Calling all DVF fans, check out the 70% sale going on right now. This Rhythm Dress is very chic and unbelievably priced at $107. Stylistically, it recalls the whole colorblocking trend going on right now and they still have sized 6, 8, and 10.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Velvet Briana Top

Need a new tank that's not boring? Look no further than this Velvet Briana tank on sale for $48.50. I for one love the knotted detail and the draping. Be sure to check out the other views of this item because the back of the top is a contrasting fabric

Tibi Yellow Eyelet Skirt

Are you over all of the yellow yet? Me neither! This skirt is fantastic! And seriously who can put on a yellow skirt like this Tibi eyelet skirt at Bluefly and not smile? It might be too feminine for some folks, but I think it is so pretty and is the perfect pick me up for spring days, especially the rainy ones.

Ashley Blouse

Here's another great New Orleans boutique that I l0ve, Trashy Diva. And this adorable 1930's inspired blouse is delightful. Its on sale for $115, but if you can't swing that be sure to check out some of their other sale items.

Button & Belt Jacket

Since I am getting ready for a trip to New Orleans, its only fitting for me to post an item from one of my favorite crescent city boutiques, Hemlines. Check out this black and white striped jacket for only $84. You could totally rock this item as a dress.

Chiffon Key-Hole Tie Neck Blouse

I really wish I had stumbled onto this blouse sooner, but I really don't want to go crazy on purchasing too many tie neck blouses. I doubt the working girl phenom will last much longer than next fall. But this Nanette Lepore blouse is lovely with its puffed sleeves and banded waist.

Denim Palazzo Pants

I have a pair of white palazzo pants that I live in during the summer. They are super comfy and work well with tons of things. So I am totally not surprised that I am coveting this denim version at Banana Republic and I am thinking that their SAVEMORE code they are still offering sweetens the pot. They offer them in both petite and tall sizes, which is a plus.

Stella Mini Cotton Skirt

I posted a really cute seersucker skirt from Banana Republic (see previous post below) a little while back and if you were diggin' that skirt but were hoping to spend a wee bit less, this might be an option for you. The Stella Mini Cotton Skirt at Forever 21 is a bit different, but you still get the seersucker look for only $15.80 (no joke) in taupe/cream or black/cream combos.

Button Seersucker Skirt

More seersucker for those who are as in love with this fabric as I (seriously toss aside your nightmares of ice cream men and barbershop quartets). This skirt is super cute with the buttons across the front and the patch pockets, but again I am shopping haitus so perhaps I can catch it when it goes on sale. Here's hoping.

To Be Cindy Crawford

I was getting my daily does of hollywood gossip when I came across this photo of the lovely Reese Witherspoon and her gorgeous pal Cindy Crawford. DAMN! Does Cindy look great or what? Seriously, is that good genes or dedication? Not that Reese doesn't look great, because I happen to think she always looks fantastic. But what really threw me is that Cindy Crawford is 42 and she looks just a fab as she did 10 years ago. Kudos Cindy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Facade Drew Sandal

If you are looking to turn some heads, these purple snake-embossed platforms might do the trick. These 4 1/2 inch stilettos are for seasoned heel wearers and will most likely suit a brazen broad who's a little rock 'n roll who was looking for a chic way to incorporate the exotic trend into their spring flings.

Shoshana Floral Print Dress

If white is too boring for you for the summer, perhaps this floral frock by Shoshana is more your style. Its not quite as affordable at $350, but if you can get a lot of mileage out of it perhaps its worth considering. I really love the yellow and orange print, which would look great against summer skin. The belt and the length of the skirt are super flattering for most figures, always a a plus, and the dress has wonderfully handy pockets.

NY & Co Square Neck Dress

I am a huge fan of white dresses (and white jeans) and this square neck dress at New York & Company is delightfully pretty. They have it pictured with a belt, which I think it would definitely need, but I don't think it comes with the dress (lame - they should have a photo of the dress on a model without the belt too so you can get a good idea of the volume of the skirt). Its a great little dress for a great price ($58.95) and they have a good range of sizes (2-18).

S'nob Military-style Jumpsuit

I know that jumpsuits aren't for everyone, but I think that they are really cute (on the right person). I am not sure yet if I can pull it off myself, but I am willing to give them a shot on a skinny day of course. This option at ASOS is pretty cute and I really like the military styling.

Nadia Silk Shantung Skirt

This is totally a "in my fantasy world where money is no object" post. The color of this Ralph Lauren Black Label skirt is breathtaking. Sure if I could realistically afford to spend $755 on this gorgeous silk skirt, folks might need a pair of sunglasses to look at me head on, but I L-O-V-E IT! And the drop waist and flared hem are just a bonus.

Little Miss Sunshine

This Stewart + Brown jersey dress at Doe is a chic, comfy, and 100% organic option for parties this summer. The ruched bodice and empire waist will flatter most figures and, though you might not notice them immediately, there are hidden pockets near the hip area. Truly an delightfully fun frock for $126.

CeCe Ruffle Sweater

I know its a kinda sweet looking, but I really like this ruffled sweater. I really like the length of the sleeves and did I mention the ruffle. Now you could definitely argue that you can get a similarly-styled sweater from the new Target line for less than $58.00, but I would argue that the light yellow and pink are more spring-like color options.

BlueFly Shoe Sale

Bluefly is offering an extra 15% off shoes today only. Here are a few of my favorites that you might need to add to your collection.

Michael Kors Snakeskin Dylan Sandal - $60.35

Cole Hahn Alicia D'Orsay Sandals - $99.45

Charles David Skip Sandals - $51.00

Bo'em Eve Shell Sandals - $85.85

Savings at Banana Republic

If you are planning on picking up a few things at BR before Sunday, you can keep some of your hard earned cash by using the SAVEMORE code at checkout. This allows you to save $20 when you spend $100, $30 if you spend $150, and $50 when you spend $200. Happy shopping!

Castle Starr Patterned Sleeveless Top

Although I really like the idea of the graphic-inspired pieces that are hot this spring, I haven't found many pieces that really move me and that I can see working into my wardrobe with relative ease. This Castle Starr sleeveless top at Bluefly is one of the exceptions. I especially like the black trim around the top.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Little Green Tee

Feel free to call me simple minded, but I laughed when I saw this t-shirt today. Its cute, its pertinent, and its inexpensive. What more can a girl ask for?

Kate Dress

Have you been looking for a brightly colored dress for spring, but don't want to break the bank? J. Crew's Kate Dress, which comes in cabana blue and bright flame, is on sale for $59.99. It would be super cute with some flat sandals for most any activity your weekends throw your way.

Betsey Johnson Cotton Battenburg Dress

I happen to love most things Betsey Johnson. I think part of it is that her stuff is girly and fun. And the other part is that her stuff typically fits me well, so that I don't grab something off the rack and have a breakdown in the fitting room. Pleasant shopping experiences are a plus! That said, this adorable frock is on sale for $167.50. I know its not really something you can wear to a spring wedding, but hold onto it and rock it this fall.

L.A.M.B. School Boy Blazer

Oh la la! How preppy is this L.A.M.B School Boy Blazer? I know that the temperatures are rising, so taking off layers is a bit more appropriate than adding them, but this jacket is crisp and I think it would look great with skinny jeans or a full skirt. Or maybe I am just obsessed with Gossip Girl returning next week so I am secretly coveting prep school attire of my own.

Ralph Lauren Tax Day Break

Ralph Lauren is offering 15% off your purchase today just by entering TAXDAY at checkout. Happy April 15th shopping.

Gap Design Editions

Need a new white shirt? Look no further than your local Gap (or their Web site). The Gap has partnered with this year's finalists of the CFDA/Vogue fund to offer new takes on the classic white shirt. Designers include Phillip Lim, Michael Bastian, Philip Crangi, Three Asfour, and Band of Outsiders. My two favorites are the low neck tie top and the patchwork shirt, but check out the design editions for yourself.

Steal Anne Hathaway's Look

Monday, April 14, 2008

DVF Soni Tank 70% Off

If you love Diane von Furstenberg and need a fun and flirty cami, look no further than Queen Bee and their DVF Soni Tank marked down from $264 to $79.50. The only catch is you have to wear a size 8.

Leopard Print Halter Dress

I can't say that I am a big leopard print gal and instead prefer my "prints" in small doses like on shoes or belts. However, I really like this leopard print halter dress at Arden B. I love the delicate straps and the blousiness of the top of the dress. If you like your prints on feminine silhouettes, this dress might be a good one to add to your collection for $148.

Lux Strappy Dropwaist Dress

This dropwaist dress is such an easy and breezy outfit option. Changing up your shoes or adding a jacket can totally change the look too. Since its jersey, it's also ideal for travel. What more can a girl ask for for less than $50?

3.1 Phillip Lim Floral Print Dress

Do you believe in love at first sight? This 3.1 Phillip Lim floral dress has made me a believer. The print is gorgeous and I really like the subtle metallic detailing and the length of the dress. Unfortunately, I really don't see myself coming into an extra $580 anytime soon, but I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for this to go on sale hopefully in the near future.

Coral Pleated Sleeve Corsage Dress

I am not normally one for lots of embellishments and such on my clothes, but this dress really took me by surprise. I would initially think that the ruffles and corsage detail would be too much on one piece, but I think its remarkably pretty. I love the color and the chiffon layers. And who couldn't feel pretty wearing it?

Fun at Martin + Osa

Okay, this may seem like a lame posting, but I just spent several minutes of my lunch playing with this "layering tool" on the Martin + Osa Web site. If you aren't familiar with them, they are an offshoot of American Eagle and carry what they term "refined casual" wear (think Banana or J. Crew). Anyhow, have fun playing with this tool and coming up with something you like.

Go International at Target In House Line

Target just launched their new Go International line, All New Next Now. I don't know know how I feel about it yet. I think I will reserve judgment until I can check out the items in person and get a feel for the fabrics and such. But here are some of the ones that piqued my interest online.

Colorblock Strapless Dress - $39.99

Patent Leather Color

If you are on a strict budget and are looking for colorful spring accessories, these patent leather peep toes might be an option for you. They come in fuschia and mustard and are an amazing $13.99. Even if you aren't mindful of your spending, if you are unsure of how often you would need brightly hued shoes, these might intrigued you.

Leather Biker Jacket

If you are looking for an affordable leather biker jacket to add a little edginess to your spring looks, here's a Kate Moss-inspired option at Asos for only $187.09. I really like the belt around the bottom of the jacket and the zippers along the sleeves.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lorick "Gossip Girl Dress"

Calling all Gossip Girl fans (p.s. its back a week from tomorrow and I for one cannot wait!) who want to immulate Serena and Blair. Adding this Lorick Barlass Dress to your personal collection makes it that much easier. You should immediately recognize this dress (and the red one that Leighton Meister's character wore) from one of last fall's episodes. I wish I had the money to grab one, but I will sadly have to admire it from afar.

DVF Pleated Wrap Dress

I am a huge fan of wrap dresses, and this one is not only offered in a fun spring color (sunrise), but its Diane von Furstenberg for $207! I really like the pleated skirt and rolled sleeves which are a bit unexpected for your standard wrap dress.

DKNY Strapless Mini Dress

Strapless dresses can be a little boring, but this DKNY dress at Bloomingdale's is anything but. In addition to the fun color, the floral applique along the top of the dress bumps this out of the simple strapless dress category. It also has pockets, whose value is sometimes understated. I had a wedding to attend yesterday and repeatedly found my hands sliding down my hips in search of pockets that didn't exist in my dress. Thank goodness I had a clutch to occupy them, but that's when I realized that pockets have recently become a deal breaker for me.

Jeffrey Campbell Turquoise Sandals

If you need to add a pair of thong sandals to your closet, consider these Jeffrey Campbell leather sandals with turquoise accents on the strap. They would look very chic with white jeans or a grecian-inspired dress.

Madison Marcus Dainty Dress

I wouldn't normally picture the back of a dress, but the back on this Ruffle Neck Dainty Dress by Madison Marcus is ridiculously splendid. The scalloped racerback is sensational, which is mirrored along the hem too. If you need a new LBD with a little pizzazz, I think I have found it. If you don't, totally snag the blue version.

Steve Madden Gazebo Shoes

I am obsessed with woven shoes and handbags, and these Gazebo shoes by Steve Madden are the perfect peep toe option. I am partial to the brown ones, but there's a red, black, and pewter version too. The best part is that they are currently on sale for $62.97.

Frill Sleeve Dress

Looking to turn some heads with your feminine wiles? This flirty dress might do the trick. The emerald color will definitely garner some attention.