Friday, April 25, 2008

Hadley Sandals

I have been looking for a pair of black sandals and these Hadley sandals at Max Studio caught my eye. They are a new twist on the thong sandal that everyone is sporting right now. I really like the knots and the multiple stranded straps. And this may seem silly, but I want black sandals that are completely black. I have found a lot of pairs where the straps are black, but the sole isn't. These are ideal for me.

Abstract Feather Print Blouse

I really dig banded tops; I think they are ultra flattering. And this feather print blouse at Arden B has great sleeves and a colorful print. What more could a girl ask for? For me its really important to buy pieces that can I can use for work and play. Who has the time or money to shop for completely separate wardrobes? And this blouse can do both for me. Grab it for $68

BDG Denim Jacket

I pulled out my old jean jacket recently and there was something just not right about the fit anymore. It wasn't tailored enough and was a little too roomy through the torso. However, this jacket at Urban Outfitters is perfectly tailored and reasonably priced at $68. The color is perfect too, not too dark and not too light (jeesh, I sound like goldilocks).

Striped V-Neck Dress

Need a chic dress for your travel plans? Perhaps this striped dress at Banana Republic will do. Its very parisian looking don't you think? You can dress it up with heels or add wedges and a scarf while you see the sights or shop.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Velvet Marci Dress

This Velvet Marci cotton dress at Pink Mascara is adorable. I really like the crisscrossing around the bust. Speaking of bust, it has a built-in bra, which is a bonus. Add a cardigan or blazer and this puppy could function for work and play.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BCBG Matte Jersey Dress

If you are one of those lucky folks heading off for a carribean vacation (if you were returning home yesterday and I saw you in the airport, I was silently grumbling that I wished I was you) you my friend might need a cute dress for the tropics. One say by BCBG in a cute fan print, like this matte jersey dress, which should travel well.

Cynthia Steffe Lanai Dress

I immediately thought that this Cynthia Steffe dress would flatter a variety of figures (so long as you aren't busty). Its linen, so that's perfect for spring and summer and color is phenomenal and I can't get over the ruffling detail, so freaking cute! It might not be a budget-friendly option for everyone at $350, but if you have a few events that will call for a chic and flattering sundress this summer, you might get some mileage out of it.

Burberry Double Handle Satchel

This will be my one "fantasy" posting for the week, promise. I am guessing that you can't afford this anymore than I can or you wouldn't be reading this blog. But this Burbery Double Handle Satchel is gorgeous and if I could afford to drop grand on a bag, I am pretty sure it would be this one. Outside of the double handle and beautiful white leather, I adore the little inverted pleat. Anyhow, go ahead and dream about it with me at Nordstrom.

Synergy Clothing Butterfly Dress

This dress is a really inexpensive way to be "springlike" without going the floral route. This cotton buttefly dress, which comes in olive (pictured), black, or sky, is only $40 and you could wear it for fun and for running errands (not that errands can't be totally fun).

Cropped Twill Jacket

Sorry folks, but I have been traveling for a few days and consistently posting stuff was a little tricky. But I am back and will try to make it up to you over the next few days because I am traveling again this weekend, this time for fun. Anyhow, check out this cute little cropped jacket at La Redoute for only $29.99. Perfect topper for the springtime, since the weather is still not cooperating with me.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bias Stripe Strapless Dress

Looking for a new dress that caputres your all American style? This black and white striped strapless dress at Hotkiss is an affordable option. This easy piece is only $46.