Thursday, June 19, 2008

Michael Kors Safari Jacket

I remember seeing this Michael Kors jacket early in the spring and now my patience has paid off, because its on sale for $83.90 (that's 50% off). My affection for all that is safari inspired has been stated enough on this blog, but how great would this be with the Milly Chain Halter?

Kate Spade Private Sale

Kate Spade is having a private sale and if there's an item you have been coveting, now's the time to see if it made the sale bin. The mini clutches did and they come in white, silver, ash, and my personal fave black. These clutches are on sale for $113, but the sale ends tomorrow.

Organic Cotton Top at ShopBop

There's no such thing as too many white cotton tops in a girl's closet. I love this banded 100 percent organic cotton top by C&C California. Its the perfect easy going top for your weekend activities this summer. Shopbop has a range of sizes still available in three colors for $68.

Milly Chain Halter Top

I found myself drawn to safari-inspired pieces and this Milly halter top is no exception. The print is exquisite and with the chain detailed-neckline, you don't need to worry about a necklace. Just add a sleeve of bangles and roll. Although its pictured with brown shorts, I think I would rock it with white.

Seersucker Dress

You eyes are not deceiving you. This adorable dress is truly $23.90, what a steal! I love the button tab details the envelope the waistline. Grab one from Nordstrom while they still have a few left and have a great dress without breaking the bank.

MINT Jodi Arnold Shirred Tank

Here's a great little floaty Mint Jodi Arnold piece on sale. I love the coral colored piping that edges this delightfully fun tank.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ivory Pleated Chiffon Tank

Have you ever realized that you have the makings of the perfect outfit in your closet, but are missing one small piece? That's the boat I found myself in last night. I tend to wander into my closet a few times a month and try to pull some outfits together. This process is similar to picking out tomorrow's outfit tonight, but I have found that I need a few options in the morning because sometimes I am just not feeling that one specific look. Anyhow, back to my perfect outfit. I am missing an ivory top. I have tons of white, but only one ivory blouse and its just not the look that I need. I am really close to settling on this top at Bluefly. This lovely pleated chiffon tank from Sine by Parameter might be the missing piece.

Steve Madden Sale

If you have a few minutes to spare, check out the "Get It Before Its Gone" sale at Steve Madden. You might discover a particular item you have been eyeing has now gone on sale. I was high on these Jentle Sandals in black and am glad I held off. They have been marked down to 89.99 (orig. $129.95).

Neiman Marcus Nightmare

It should come as no shock that I love online shopping. I love the convenience and the speed and I love window shopping from the comfort of my own couch. I have had wonderful shopping experiences with virtually all of my favorites, like Nordstrom (who are notoriously great), Banana Republic, ShopBop, eLuxury, Basic Boutique, Gap, Piperlime, J. Crew, Target, Bloomingdale's, Saks…you get the idea. So you can imagine my dismay when Neiman Marcus really dropped the ball when it came to their customer service for their online shoppers. You may recall that I was lusting after the Marc Jacobs convertible clutch (pictured) a few months back. Well my savvy husband decided that the best way to decide what to get me for my birthday was to check out my blog and pick from any one of my posts. God love him, he chose the Marc Jacobs bag and opted to use my link to the Neiman Marcus Web site. Without boring you with the sordid details, Neiman Marcus, while offering lovely and stylish items for purchasing, fails miserably to provide helpful customer service when it comes to exchanges. I shipped the bag back to Neiman, requesting a different color on May 16th. Every time I attempted to get information on my exchange I was given the same canned (but polite) response “your Smart Label was activated on May 23rd, 2008. Please allow two to three weeks from this date for your return to process and your exchange to be sent. We do apologize for any inconvenience.” Once three weeks had passed and I began to worry that they would sell out of the bag, I checked in again to assuage those fears. And unfortunately it was like I had stepped into a time machine to hear the same message I heard weeks ago “my return would be processed and the exchanged should be shipped. Thank you for visiting Neiman Marcus Online. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.” Seriously? Contact you for what exactly since details aren’t a currency you deal in. In my (extensive) dealings with online shopping purchases, returns, and exchanges, most organizations provide a tracking number, reasonable time tables for processing/shipping, and alert you when you attempt to purchase something that is out of stock. Unfortunately, Neiman Marcus only wants you to purchase an item as they have no formal detailed process for checking on the status of a return/exchange. In retrospect, I would have been better off returning the item and purchasing my replacement at the same time. I bet you can predict how this story ends. Today, I learn that my account was mysteriously credited the $300 from Neiman Marcus and I HAD TO CALL THEM TO FIND OUT WHY I RECEIVED A REFUND. They didn’t reach out to me ahead of time via email or telephone or even the U.S. Postal Service. And, you guessed it, THEY NO LONGER HAVE MY HANDBAG. How incredibly disappointing to me and it should be to Neiman Marcus. I, for one, doubt I will be shopping with them anytime in the near future and I hope they have plans to upgrade their customer service procedures and processes and help their valued customers avoid disappointments like mine.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SATC Shoes

I FINALLY had a chance to see the Sex and the City movie this past weekend and I can say with 100% certainty that the shoes, clothes, and bags did not disappoint. These shoes in particular caught my eye everytime they were on the screen (this is where the movie translated really well to the big screen). I cannot afford the Christian Dior ones that Carrie Bradshaw rocks in the movie for $770, but I can part with $69.95 for the Candice sandal (read: knock offs) at Bakershoes.

Aqua Sateen Red Dress

If you have a cocktail party on your calendar and you can't seem to decide which of your LBDs will work, perhap this sassy little red dress can serve as a fun alternative. You can add a belt or jacket and be party-ready in an instant. Grab it at Bloomingdales for only $78.