Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wrap It Up

It has been super long since my lazy ass has posted anything and I wish I was on the prowl for something marginally more exciting that a cozy black scarf. But last night when was I bundling up for a evening out I realized my current black scarf was lame and have requested one for Christmas. But for those of you with a "give me a christmas list" types in your know that you must be explicit with what you want or you will end up with something sketchy that you have to fake fondness for when you open it. So, my apologies for posting the fruits of my black scarf search labor, but these are the ones that I am hoping make their way under the tree for me.

This mohair muffler scarf doesn't scream "will keep your uber warm when its 20 degrees out", but it looks super soft and might be an excuse to get two. Check it out at J. Crew (enter the code Holiday at checkout for an extra 20% off through Monday) for $29.50.

I like this ruffled scarf at the gap for $29.50. The ruffles are fun and can sass up a plain jane ensemble.

Forever 21 never disappoints with inexpensive basics. They carry a basic knit scarf in black for only $9.80.

A little more expensive than these others, but Banana Republic has a cozy-looking cable knit scarf that's worth a look for $41.30.

I heart cashmere. This one is a keeper at Nordstrom, but isn't recession-friendly at $78.00.