Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Elle at Kohls

In doing this blog, I really want to post a good mix of items that are run the gamut when it comes to cost. And lately, I feel like maybe I haven't been doing as good of a job hunting for budget-friendly items. So I apologize and I will try to mix it up a bit. Ultimately, I post stuff that I find interesting and that I like, so sometimes cost is an after-thought. And I don't mean that in a "i have enough money to not have to worry about the cost of something" because that couldn't be further from my reality. But I am adding the item to my blog, not too my shopping cart, so its not like I have to be super aware of my total. Which brings me to this jacket at Kohl's. Its on sale, offered in every size still, and comes in a very non-boring color...what more could a girl ask for? The Ponte Jacket is part of the Elle Contemporary Collection, which I haven't really checked out yet. Basing my first impression on this piece, I'd say so far so good.

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