Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Affection for Anthropologie

I have tons of reasons for being smitten with a lot of stuff that Anthropologie offers. The first being, their pieces have lots of personality. I also feel like (whether its actually true or not is another thing) that I don't run the risk of seeing stuff that I grab from Anthropologie on one of my friends. That's not to say my friends don't have great style, I just feel like its more likely to happen with stuff from J. Crew or the Gap. And finally, I always feel like their clothes are feminine without being too girly, which I absolutely love. I am smitten with three different dresses that I discovered in my newest catlog, including Buttonwood Sweater Dress - $158.00; Rippled Jade Dress - $158.00; and Alloy Strapless Dress - $188.00.

I am also digging the Labyrinthine Tee - $48.00; the Sidewalk Bistro Pullover - $88.00; the Contoured Cardigan - $88.00; and the Gouache Blouse - $78.00. I think I have narrowed it down to one or two pieces that I can swing, so enjoy the others for me!

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