Wednesday, June 4, 2008

True Religion Candice Wide Legs

Here's a great deal on True Religion jeans at Bloomingdales. The Candice Stretch Wide Leg Jeans are marked down from $240 to $168. I am a HUGE fan of their jeans. The pockets are the perfect size for making me feel a smidge better about my rear view. The inseam is also the perfect length for flats (for me) or heels depending on the length of your legs. This is especially a great deal if you haven't snagged a pair of wide leg jeans for the summer yet. And if that wasn't enough great news, they have sizes 24-32 still available.


elchefe said...

hey i love true religion pants and i use em a lot, here were i live in AR they have no idea what they are,hahahahaha as 99.% of people buy and use walt-mart crap,
we love Bloomis, especially the one in century city,,,

see ya and you have good taste.

LDB said...

seriously? how does no one know? i absolutely love the pockets.